The Midnight Beast

The Midnight Beast performed a highly energetic and hugely entertaining live set at a private event that I photographed a few weeks ago. Described on Wikipedia as a "British comedy music group", the group delight in exposing and ridiculing the lifestyle of today's youth and have over 62 million You Tube views. Highlights from the set performed by two thirds of the usual trio included their 'Tik Tok' parody of the Ke$ha song, She must be a lesbian and Just Another Boyband. 

More on their website, You TubeTwitter and Facebook.


PHS Yr 11 prom June2013-308


PHS Yr 11 prom June2013-309


PHS Yr 11 prom June2013-304


PHS Yr 11 prom June2013-300


PHS Yr 11 prom June2013-295


PHS Yr 11 prom June2013-321




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