Music photography - The Ruggs at the Half Moon, Putney

The Ruggs, who in their own words are "one of the most uninfluential bands of the 2000s" played their now traditional pre-Christmas gig at the Half Moon in Putney earlier this week. The sell-out crowd absolutely loved it - what would the run-up to Christmas be without it?

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Ruggs Dec2014-102_C7R4444Ruggs Dec2014-102_C7R4444 Ruggs Dec2014-107_C7R5201Ruggs Dec2014-107_C7R5201 Ruggs Dec2014-118_C7R5576Ruggs Dec2014-118_C7R5576 Ruggs Dec2014-125_C7R5678Ruggs Dec2014-125_C7R5678


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